Temporary Solutions Group disability friendly bathroom

Disability friendly bathrooms are something that can reduce anxiety and help those returning home from hospital or long-term care to feel more comfortable and at peace in their surroundings.

We know that the bathroom is one of the key rooms within your home, it gets used by the whole family every day and it’s possibly the most important room when it comes to maintaining ones dignity and self-esteem.

Your bathroom helps you stay clean, feel refreshed and can often be a place to relax. Having a disability shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on any aspect of what a fully functional bathroom has to offer. 

There are 14.1 million disabled people in the UK, many of whom may not have suitable bathroom facilities in place at their home, which is why we have made it our mission to ensure anyone who needs a disability friendly bathroom can access one, regardless of the size of their property.

Bespoke bathrooms to suit your requirements

We know that no two disabilities are the same. Having worked closely with the NHS, occupational therapists and other medical professionals, we have seen first-hand how effective a tailor-made solution can be in enhancing the home life of those with restricted mobility.

It is because of our experiences to date that we have recognised the need to provide a bespoke solution to our customers on a case by case basis, with each of our accessible bathrooms being designed by our in-house team before being manufactured by TSG at our North West headquarters.

Our unique construction method also enables us to build temporary disability friendly bathrooms anywhere, even if it means carrying the components through your property. You also don’t need to worry about damage to your property as our construction method means we don’t need to make any alterations to your property.

What can we include in our disability friendly bathrooms?

The question really is, what can’t we include? As we’ve already mentioned, we don’t believe that anyone should have to compromise on having a fully functional bathroom whatever their needs may be.

Following your initial enquiry, we carry out a survey of your property and get to know you to identify and provide the best possible solution that fits what you need.

However, while we always do everything in our power to create your own bespoke accessible bathroom solution, there are several common fittings and features that many of our customers benefit from.

Doc M compliant wetrooms

Our team are able to supply wetrooms that are compliant with Doc M standards and all that this essential certification entails including height adjustable toilets, grab rails, correct spacing, wheelchair access, and more. We will go into detail about these essential features below. You can also learn more about Doc M standards by clicking here.

Raised toilet seat

Those who have a disability can find it difficult to transition on and off a regular toilet. Our team provide raised toilets that can be adjusted to suit your specific height requirements, which can vary depending on whether you need to transition from a wheelchair or another mobility aid.

By installing a raised toilet seat that is compliant with Doc M standards, we help reduce the risk of an accident and potential injury and help those with restricted mobility maintain their dignity and independence in what is a very private aspect of their life.

Walk in shower

Our accessible bathrooms also come equipped with walk-in showers, which enable easy access to washing facilities and our walk-in showers are also suitable for additional shower and bathing aids should you require them including an electronic hoist, shower seat or shower bed.

Grab rails

Grab rails play a very important role in creating a safe environment within which those with restricted mobility can navigate more comfortably. We install grab rails at all neccessary points in line with Doc M standards, thus promoting independent movement as much as possible for our customers.

Mixer taps

Disability and conditions which result in restricted mobility can make using traditional taps difficult to use. When we create your bathroom, we ensure that we install mixer taps. These are easier to use as they can be operated with one hand and don’t require you to turn them, they operate on a lever mechanism. These types of taps can often be temperature controlled too.

Height adjusted storage

Full use of a bathroom doesn’t just mean being able to access washing facilities like a shower or basin, a fully functional bathroom also needs adequate and accessible storage.

Our team can install storage at lower heights than traditional bathroom cupboards, making sure you can access everything you need easily.

Let us help bring you home

The list above is just a taste of the solutions that our team have to offer. We pride ourselves on providing a solution to any problem or requirement, whether it be adapting your accessible bathroom to be able to house specialist medical equipment, fit in an area of your home that traditional buildings couldn’t be constructed or anything inbetween.

We want to help bring you home. You can learn more about our accessible bathroom solutions by clicking here [link to page once live] or you can learn more about all of our temporary solutions by clicking here [link to page once live]