Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of accommodation can the Modular Suites provide? 

Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, wet-rooms, dining rooms, utility room, storage room – there really is no limit.

How much extra space is required to get around the Suite during the construction?

The Suites can be built from the inside out so very little additional space is required.

Do you cover and deliver to the whole of the UK?

Yes – we cover mainland UK and the Isle of Wight

How long does a Modular Suite take to construct and commission?

1-3 days depending upon the complexity of the building. We would provide a timeframe when placing an order. A 2m x 2m kitchen can take as little as 3 hours.

I’m not sure how long I will need the suite. Is this a problem?

Customers often don’t know how long they require our products. The product is with you until you no longer need it.

Are Suites heated and do they have lighting?

Yes, the Suites are heated and insulated and are completely weather tight. They also have electric lighting.

If I have any problems during the hire is there someone I can call to help?

Yes, you can call our office 9am-5.30pm Mon-Fri and outside that time we have an out of hours service to help answer any questions you may have.

How big are the Modular Suites?

The Suites are built in 2m x 1m or 3m x 1m modules which are linked together to be built to the size the customer requires. The only limiting factor is the space available.

How much notice do you need to hire a Modular Suite?

A standard bathroom or kitchen is 3m x 2m and this can be ordered, delivered and constructed within as little as 24 hours (subject to availability). For a bespoke/complex building we would require 10 days notice where possible.

Is there a minimum/maximum hire period?

Hire is charged daily and there is no minimum or maximum hire period.

Can my Suite be extended in size at a later date if I need more space?

Yes, as long as there is space available.

Will it damage my drive/patio/lawn/property?

No – there are no adaptations required to your property, however if the Modular Suite is sited on grass, it will affect the growth and appearance of the grass in the short term.

Can the Suites be locked and secured?

Yes, any external entrance or exit door to the suite will have a key lock access. (6-pin mortice lock).

Do the Suites have water and electricity?

Yes, the Suites require access to electricity for lighting and heating. Depending on the purpose of the suite e.g. kitchen and bathroom, we would also need access to an outside tap.