Customer Treatment Statement

This statement is made by Temporary Solutions Group Limited (“TSG”) as the UK parent company of The Temporary Kitchen Company Ltd, The Temporary Storage Company Ltd, Temporary Adapted Living Solutions Ltd and Service Solutions Company Ltd (the Group).

Reviewed January 2023

1. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service to every client and customer, regardless of their size, status or policy. We will always maintain open communication and transparency with our clients and customers.

2. We understand that accidents and insurance claims can be stressful and disruptive. Our goal is to make TSG’s part of the process as straightforward and seamless as possible clients whilst ensuring that we fulfil our obligation to mitigate costs and provide the best possible customer outcome.

3. We strive to respond promptly to all communication – whether by phone, email or client software systems and we will take all reasonable steps to resolve issues as quickly as possible. Where response SLA’s are in place, we communicate expectations to staff regularly and are able to measure and report on the results.

4. We provide 24/7 support from one telephone number so that we are able to support customers who need guidance and arrange next day maintenance visits outside office hours.

5. We believe that our clients have the right to privacy and confidentiality, and we respect those rights. We have policies in place to protect data and will not disclose any personal or confidential information to anyone except as required by law or with the consent of our clients.

6. We employ systems that allow us to record all customer and client interactions for the benefit and protection of all relevant TSG users, customers and clients.

7. We operate a company bonus structure which encourages and rewards those employees that go above and beyond, and demonstrate excellent customer service

8. We welcome feedback from our clients and consider it to be a crucial tool in our ongoing efforts to improve our products and service. We will actively seek out feedback from our clients and will take steps to address any concerns that they may raise.

9. We will train our employees to provide exceptional customer service, ensuring they have the knowledge and tools they need to assist our customers both over the phone and in person.

10. We acknowledge that sometimes things go wrong, and we will resolve customer complaints and issues promptly and professionally as set out in our complaints procedure, using them as an opportunity to improve our services and learn from any mistakes.

11. We understand that providing exceptional customer service has been and is fundamental to our success and we are proud to share our feedback with others via the review site Trustpilot