Capsule Shower

Whether it’s due to a leak, faulty pipes or you are having your bathroom renovated, the loss of shower facilities within the home can cause a headache. Our Capsule Shower helps make sure that the headache disappears quickly.

Traditionally, the loss of shower facilities in your home would cause major inconvenience, often resulting in additional commutes to public showers, using friends and relatives amenities or even having to move out of your property. Our unique Capsule Shower allows you to remain at home whilst repair work or home renovations take place.

A revolutionary shower unit with a small footprint 

Our innovative Capsule Showerhas a unique design that features an innovative stand-alone sealed shower unit, which ensures that no damage is done to your property regardless of where you have the unit installed.

The unit has been designed by our in-house team and is manufactured to order at our North West headquarters. Each Capsule Shower has a footprint that covers the same area as an average bathtub, only requiring 1.7m x 1.1m of floor space and 2.2m headroom.