Junior Capsule Kitchen

If you live in a property with limited space and your kitchen is out of action, whether it be due to a flood, fire damage or anything in between, our Junior Capsule Kitchen offers an excellent solution that will give you all the benefits of a fully working kitchen. It is similar to the XL Capsule Kitchen but housed within a smaller capsule, however, it does not include a fridge (however a fridge can be located elsewhere in the property).

This means that we can accommodate all sizes of properties as this requires a smaller footprint and is ideal for flats or houses with restricted space that are without a drive. The unique design of the Junior Capsule Kitchen makes it an excellent solution for those who do not currently have access to their own kitchen whether it be due to damage or a property renovation taking place.

A small but mighty solution

From your initial enquiry, our team take care of you from start to finish and will deliver and install your Junior Capsule Kitchen for you and take it away once you no longer require it. Thanks to the unique free-standing design of our capsule kitchens, no fixings are required, which ensures no damage will be done to your walls or floor.

The kitchen is also installed in its own capsule, not only making it safe within a family home but it also provides important safety features including a splashback and protective side walls around the sink and hob.

The Junior Capsule Kitchen is hired on a daily basis with no minimum or maximum term giving you the complete flexibility and cost control you require.