Modular Kitchen

Our Modular Kitchen solutions provide customers with the option of having a temporary kitchen built in their back garden or anywhere on their property should the kitchen in their home be unusable due to damage or renovation work.

Due to the unique flatpack design that our in-house team have developed, a large modular kitchen can be broken down into smaller sections that can be transported through your home and can be constructed within a matter of hours (depending on the size required).

Due to their innovative design, our Modular Kitchens can be installed on most surfaces, including gravel and grass.

A scalable solution that is yours for as long as you need it

Each of our Modular Kitchens can be built to the size you require. The standard floorplan we provide is 3m x 2m, however, our Modular Kitchens are constructed in 2m x 1m modules and can be built to your specific size requirements. The only limit is the amount of space you possess that can be used to construct your Modular Kitchen whether it be in your back garden or elsewhere on your property.

Our Modular Kitchens are equipped with all the appliances and amenities that one would expect to find within a modern kitchen and all of our Modular Kitchens can be adapted to ensure they are wheelchair accessible.

We can also construct a link corridor to connect the Modular Kitchen to your property, allowing it to act as a weather-sealed extension of your home. Our team can also provide you with a dining table and chairs provided that your specific size of Modular Kitchen can accommodate them.