If you are a solicitor working on a client’s case, you want to know that you are offering the best possible service and advice to ensure that your client not only gets the outcome they are hoping for, but that their long term interests are looked after.

This is particularly important for clients that have suffered life-changing injuries.

Having worked closely with a large number of solicitors across the UK, we recognise and understand the issues that can arise when lawyers are looking for the best solutions for their clients and we’re here to make sure those barriers are broken down, becoming a thing of the past.

Collaboration to achieve the best solutions

Our team’s highly collaborative approach to each temporary solution we design and install involves all major parties from the outset, including solicitors, case managers, occupational therapists and the client themselves.

This approach, coupled with our unrivalled build quality and innovative installation method has enabled us to achieve a 4.9 / 5 rating on Trustpilot, and it’s why we come highly recommended by leading organisations including the NHS.

Reducing stress and taking care of your clients

If your clients have suffered a life-altering injury or have to face the prospect of vacating their home following serious damage, they will already feel extremely stressed.

That’s why we created our adapted living solutions, to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of your clients and their loved ones but also to reduce the stress and challenges faced by all parties involved including solicitors and medical professionals to name a few.

Our solutions will enable your clients to return home sooner from the hospital and be surrounded by their creature comforts, familiar surroundings and receive the support of their loved ones, which can provide an invaluable boost to their mental health and long term physical health.

Improving the quality of life for clients

One of the key reasons that your clients will love our solutions is the fact that it enables them to maintain their sense of dignity and self-esteem.

We know what Occupational Therapists and Case Managers like

We know how valuable your time is and as a solicitor, we know you need to communicate with Occupational Therapists and Case Managers on a regular basis to ensure your clients’ needs are met.

When it comes to making arrangements for helping your clients return home our team can help make the process much more efficient.

Having worked with many occupational therapists and case managers, we have a firm grasp of what they require when they are assessing a client’s home and if there is anything additional required to help get your client home, we will liaise with them directly.

This approach has not only helped clients return home sooner but it’s also given our team a depth of knowledge that other providers cannot match.

Long term solutions

Our adapted living solutions can be installed in any part of the home or added as an extension to your home and your chosen solution can remain at the client’s property for as long as they need it.

As their solicitor, you won’t need to worry about the upkeep of the solution once it has been installed. We deliver and install the solution and take care of the rest for the duration of the hire period. In the unlikely event that anything goes wrong or the client has any questions, our team will handle everything and an engineer will visit the site if any problems arise that need addressing.

Let’s work together

If you are struggling to find the perfect solution for your clients, let’s work together. Our friendly team are happy to help. Please contact us today by calling 01244 888 299 or completing our online enquiry form. You can also learn more about our adapted home living solutions by clicking here