In 2012 The Temporary Kitchen Company, as we were known then, launched and since there’s been no turning back.  The original kitchen; a converted caravan was soon refined into a purpose built kitchen suite and quickly led to a bathroom suite being developed. An internal kitchen requirement created the pop-up capsule kitchen, an internal bathroom was next in line with the creation of the capsule shower, and perhaps the most revolutionary change for the business was the creation of the modular portfolio of products – kitchens, bathrooms, storage, even bungalows!

So surely that’s it, well of course not…

Earlier this year we launched Temporary Adapted Living Solutions and we are already supporting Insurers, Occupational Therapists, Case Managers, Local Authorities and Housing Associations with their requirements for temporary adaptations. Enabling downstairs living and allowing the most vulnerable of customers an ability to stay in their own home or return home from a care setting.

And there’s more….

We are currently in live testing phase of introducing the internal bathroom, a toilet and shower unit which can be housed within the property – ideal for those that have the space and especially for those customers who may struggle with mobility (gantry hoist available).  The feedback is superb, and our official launch is coming very soon.

Of course, it won’t stop there. We are already working on hoist systems which will allow room to room transfer, not to mention all our continuous improvement work which over the last few months have included a frost free system to reduce water costs and help customers during the colder months.

Our goal is to keep supporting the needs of our clients, maintain the high standards our customers have come to expect and keep healthy stock levels throughout the year, so we are able to help customers no matter when or where we are needed.