We recently attended the OT Show at the NEC and although we appeared to be a new name in the Occupational Therapy arena, OTs and Case Managers were surprised to find out that we have been delivering solutions to those whose homes suddenly become unsuitable and inaccessible for more than 10 years.

Bringing you home

The strap line of the Temporary Solutions Group is ‘keeping you at home’ and it’s been our mission to provide alternative solutions to those who just really wanted to stay at home, even when home didn’t appear to be an option. Whilst the circumstances relating to the loss of part of the property are completely different for those returning home due to illness or injury, the solutions aren’t dissimilar and therefore it’s now our mission to ‘bring you home’.

Bespoke solutions for individual circumstances 

All our solutions exist due to a customer requirement and the need to tailor them either to the individual or the limitations of the property.  Recent installs include:

  • Wet room extensions
  • Carers welfare units
  • Accessible bedrooms
  • Rehabilitation gymnasium
  • Accessible kitchenette with ensuite facilities
adapted living bathroom

When home isn’t an option

We also understand that some homes just aren’t the right option when leaving a care or hospital setting, and an alternative home will need to be found. But this shouldn’t stop a family from being together and finding a setting that, at least in the meantime, provides a safe, dignified, and accessible environment. A place that aids rehabilitation, independence, and brings a family back together while also saving on health and social costs. 

So whether that’s a temporary solution until a more suitable property is found or while changes are made to the existing property – there are still choices available.

Partnering national accommodation finders

The lack of accessible housing is at a crisis point with only 9% of homes in the UK providing features to those who rely on accessible accommodation. This means the struggle of finding the right accommodation is compounded. Again, this is where our experience within the insurance market is invaluable. We can use the partnerships we already have in place with national accommodation finders to expedite the often lengthy and frustrating process of finding a temporary home.

Modular Temporary Storage

Renting just became the answer

The versatility and flexibility of our products mean that they can be adapted to meet the property’s limitations and restrictions. We remove the risk and financial worries for most landlords:

  • delivered through the tightest of gateways (even through the property itself)
  • no lengthy and frustrating planning process
  • no property alterations or adaptation

We truly believe we can offer a solution to overcome the most difficult of situations. To understand how and why we are the right solution for you and your client get in touch today.