Adaptive Kitchen Extension

We know that the kitchen is the heart of the home and ensuring you have access to a fully functional kitchen is essential to family life, which is why our team designed our innovative and unique accessible kitchens.

Every kitchen we create features a bespoke design that centres around your specific requirements, whether it is to make it accessible for those who have suffered a life-changing injury, been given a life-changing diagnosis or have a disability that restricts their mobility. 

We want to make sure the quality of life of every customer is enhanced, their dignity is maintained and that they can continue to enjoy living in their home without compromising on the kitchen facilities.

Bespoke solutions for Accessible Kitchens

Our team work closely with the NHS and all UK insurers, in addition to occupational therapists, solicitors, caseworkers, local councils, charities and others, to create bespoke kitchen solutions that speed up the process that enables people to return home from hospital or care as soon as they can.

We work with you from your initial enquiry to identify adaptations that can enhance your kitchen space including lowering storage cupboards, sink areas and more to ensure that you have access to everything you may need in your kitchen.

Our team of installers also carry out a survey of your home prior to manufacturing your bespoke kitchen to ensure delivery and installation is as efficient as possible.

The modular design of our accessible kitchens coupled with our unique construction method ensures no damage is done to your property and no planning permission is required.

The entire construction can be broken down into sections that can be carried through your property and constructed in your back garden or wherever you need it to be situated, the only limitation is the amount of space you want to cover at your property.