Adaptive Bedroom Extension

Having a bedroom that is welcoming and functional helps make your house feel like your home. If you have been injured, diagnosed with a life-altering illness or disability, are elderly or require long term care, our accessible bedrooms, including our bedrooms with an electronic hoist, offer peace by ensuring they can transfer from your bed or chair comfortably.

We work closely with the NHS, all UK insurers in addition to occupational therapists, solicitors, caseworkers, local councils, charities and others, to create bespoke bedroom solutions that bring people home from hospital or care as soon as they are able to do so.

Our unique and innovative design allows us to make wheelchair accessible single-story living a reality for our customers. Our Accessible Bedroom Extension can be constructed on any surface including grass and each bedroom can be built to your specific requirements, including the addition of mobility equipment including ceiling track hoists, grab rails and more to ensure customers can move as freely as possible in their bedroom.

Bespoke Solutions for Accessible Bedrooms

Our disabled bedroom solutions can be constructed on any surface located on your property and can be scaled up or down depending on your specific circumstances. We want to help bring you home from hospital or care and ensure your temporary bedroom provides you with everything you need to maintain your dignity, enhance and enrich your life and provide you with a comfortable space whether you are recovering or require ongoing long-term care.